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SimpleTech Solutions began when we both embarked on our careers as teachers, where we quickly learned one of life's most important survival skills: to focus on solutions.  Creating solutions as educators is a team sport!  You realize that leaning on the expertise of others will yield higher results and have a greater impact.  

With a combined 18 years in education and 10 years in IT support and merchandise branding, SimpleTech Solutions has grown to provide quality service and solutions in custom and branded merchandise for schools, nonprofits and small businesses. Our IT services include web application development, custom website design and content management.

We believe that the best solution is the one that makes you, our customer, feel like the experience was effortless, helpful and enjoyable. In other words – simple. You tell us your vision and goals and we will generate the artwork that reflects your image, track down the best product, and fulfill your order.

Because we understand how important our role is in representing your image, SimpleTech Solutions strives to not only attain the “wow” factor, but also to gain your trust. Branding Made Simple for You.

Paola and Fred

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Professional team

 Minority-Owned Business with 10 years in merchandise branding

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As former teachers and school administrators, we cater to the education community.

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